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User feedback

Keeps me connected all the time and reconnects quickly if I get dropped from my office VPN. Great tool that’s worth the small price to avoid frustrations and wasted time. By TomKz – Feb 2, 2018
This application does exactly as it says. I have used two other products that are available on the App Store; however, VPN Monitor is the best hands down. By dmeucci - Aug 5, 2016

A macOS application to monitor and
reconnect a lost or 'dropped'
VPN connection

Status bar App

VPN Monitor sits on the status bar and works quietly in the background. An open eye indicates an active and monitored VPN connection.

Quick Connect/Disconnect

Use the menu to connect to your favorite VPN Service, sit back and relax, VPN Monitor will reconnect instantly when the connection is lost.


A status panel shows the total uptime and downtime since start, the connection speed (L2TP/PPTP), the amount of reconnects and the currently active VPN Service.

Preferences - Services

Select which of the VPN Services you configured under System Preferences > Network should automatically reconnect.

Preferences - Timeout

Switch automatically to another VPN Service if a reconnect fails due to an unresponsive server. Don't rely on a single VPN Server, let VPN Monitor make the switch!

Preferences - Heartbeat

Enable the heartbeat option for a regular double-check on your VPN connection. VPN Monitor uses macOS system notifications for realtime reconnects.

Preferences - Options

Enable the Safe Network option to switch VPN Monitor to standby mode on trusted networks. Enable the status panel on a single or on all desktops (spaces).


Built-in help with all the information you need to configure a secure VPN Service under macOS Networking and have it automatically reconnect.


VPN Monitor requires very few CPU cycles and memory, with the energy saving option enabled this is reduced to the absolute minimum.

What is VPN and why would I need it?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it is a technology that creates a secure network connection over the unsecure Internet. All traffic over a VPN is encrypted to secure data integrity, privacy and prevent any unintentional interception of data.

A VPN will help defend against mass surveillance by governments, corporations or hackers. It will keep your real IP address and location private and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or public WiFi-hotspot cannot decipher your internet traffic or know which websites you have visited.

VPN is an essential part of computer security ... you don't want your connection to drop unnoticed!

VPN starting at $2.99 per month


VPN Monitor

The details

By taking advantage of the macOS operating system VPN Monitor gets notified of changes in connection status and immediately takes the required actions. Its efficient connect and reconnect approach ensures carefree operation. There is no so-called 'status polling' involved.

An open eye icon in the status bar indicates a VPN connection is active and being monitored. Click a closed eye icon to open the menu and connect to your VPN Service - from this moment on your VPN will remain connected. VPN Monitor will reconnect in case the connection is lost or 'dropped' until you manually disconnect from the menu.

VPN Monitor uses the VPN Services you configured under macOS Networking, there is no need to enter any VPN account information (or passwords). VPN Monitor will simply initiate a connect or disconnect. VPN Monitor does not send information to the internet or connect to the internet itself.

When multiple VPN Services are configured and it is not possible to reconnect due to an unresponsive VPN server (it might be down), VPN Monitor will go through the list with alternative VPN Services until a successful connection has been established. This unique fallback feature ensures a minimum of VPN downtime.

The heartbeat option is available as an additional layer of security by providing a regular pro-active check on the connection status. VPN Monitor uses macOS system notifications for instant and realtime reconnects, the heartbeat option is verifying the status 'manually'.

The Safe Network option is available for mobile users, it will switch VPN Monitor to Standby Mode when you are on a safe network (home or office), as soon as you connect to another network VPN Monitor will start your VPN connection.

The option Rotate Connection will disconnect and reconnect to the next VPN Service in the list at a pre-set interval. This options allows you to refresh your connection and relay your VPN traffic over multiple VPN servers.

Energy saving is accomplished by disabling the heartbeat and HUD status panel and allowing the system to sleep and reconnect after a wakeup.

VPN Monitor is able to reconnect the following services:

Cisco IPSec
Note: Unable to reconnect IKEv2, however able to detect a dropped IKEv2 connection and reconnect to L2TP/Cisco IPSec.
Note: VPN Monitor IKEv2 (macOS 10.11 and upwards) will reconnect IKEv2 and is now available!

User feedback

I tried other apps all of which had various problems. Unfortunately their developers were non-responsive. More features, better support, cheaper price… VPN Monitor is a great App.
by pcafstockf - Apr 18, 2017
I’ve tried setting up applescripts to do what this app does, but with hit and miss results. For a couple of quid this app has saved me a lot of trial and error, frustration and has secured my network connection whenever I’m away from a trusted network. I now no longer keep checking if my VPN connection is on! One less thing to worry about.
by jlukef - Jul 17, 2017
More features, better support, cheaper price… VPN Monitor is a great App.
By pcafstockf – Apr 18, 2017
Very nice tool which keeps your VPN connection by reconnecting to the same or to another one. Does not interfere, simple and effective. Impatient to see the next release :-) Keep up the good job!
by bythx1133 - Sep 11, 2016
Have had this for a couple months now and it works great. I also like the Status window-lets me know how many times it has had to reconnect among other things. I looked at writing an applescript to do this, but for the price, this is definitely a no hassle option.
by Touchy User - Aug 10, 2016
This application does exactly as it says. I have used two other products that are avaialble on the App Store; however, VPN Monitor is the best hands down.
by dmeucci - Aug 5, 2016
I've had no isses with this app and it has done a great job at letting me know when my vpn disconnects and reconnects. Overall, definitely worth getting this app if using L2TP or PPTP and want your vpn to automatically reconnect after it disconnects!
by MetalHead44 - Version - 1.5 - August 25, 2015
If your VPN needs to start with your machine, you need this. If your VPN needs to automatically reconnect after disconnecting, you need this. Really useful app!
by bluesparrow2 - Version - 1.4 - May 4, 2015
Thanks for making such a great app! It exactly does what it should do and I really like it. Before I found this application, I searched a long time for a way to automatically connect my iMac - now I have found it. Please keep it up!
by lmprht - Version - 1.3 - Jan 17, 2015
Works exactly as advertised. Starts VPN after boot and reconnects whenever needed. Works seamlessly on both my iMac and my MBAir. For the past year, I have used an Applescript to do the same thing, but VPN Monitor improves the reconnection process. Highly recommended.
by - Version - 1.4 - Aug 15, 2015
Living in China I rely on VPN for Google services. VPN often drops out and so this is the perfect solution to keep connected. Been using for a week now and very happy.
by mickilo - Version - 1.1 - Aug 22, 2014
I have tried several solutions, including VPN Autoconnect and none work on Yosemite .. until I found this one. Thanks.
by Traynis - Version - 1.1 - Oct 1, 2014